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Pool Maintenance

We are able to look after your swimming pool whether an outdoor pool or inside, both for absent owners and those in residence.


We can deal with both the chemical side of the pool, and the "engineering" side of pump, all types of filter system, heaters, pipework, uv filters and salt chlorination units.


We can open and close your pool, move it to winterisation running if you prefer to keep the pool running over the winter as well as the normal weekly visits. We balance the chemicals not only for the safety and comfort of swimming but also to increase the life expectancy of the pump and sand etc. We can also help as a one off if you "lose the pool"

and need help bringing the water back to swim quality.


We hold The National Pool Operators Licence, (see below), issued by the UK but recognised across Europe and this gives you the confidence to know that we are competent to look after your pool, yours and your guests health.


We tailor our sevice to your needs and our owners find our pricing to be very competitive against many of the other pool companies in the area.



For Holiday Rentals;

For Property Management;

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