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We offer a range of gardening services such as mowing of lawns, either by hand or by ride-on motor mower depending on the size of garden, strimming, weeding, hedge and bush trimming.


We also handle other garden related activities such as fence building, rotivating, tree removal.


We also have the services of a UK based tree surgeon who visits a number of times a year. He is able to offer advice if you have trees that have become over-large on the best way to reduce or remove them, or if you have trees that are leaning as to whether they are in a dangerous state and need treatmet or whether they are secure and offer no problem. He is also able to advise on the removal of dead trees. Depending on his advices we are normally able to carry out the necessary work.


If you have any other gardeing project we would be happy to discuss your ideas with you and see if we can help bring them to fruition.



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